Environmental Information

Environmental Information as of 2022

The following environmental information is for Standard Offer Service. The data are published at the request of the Maryland Public Service Commission and are based on regional averages. Since the data are PJM Interconnection (the regional transmission organization) wholesale market averages, the SMECO-specific emissions data may vary from these averages.

Energy Source (Fuel Mix)

SMECO is a distribution cooperative—we are responsible for the distribution of energy to our customer-members. SMECO does not own any generating facilities. Its wholly owned subsidiary, SMECO Solar LLC, owns the solar generation station in Hughesville. We purchase the vast majority of energy needed to fulfill our supply obligations from the market, using forward contracts with power supply counterparties. The system fuel mix SMECO delivers is based on specific contracts to purchase power, with the remaining fuel mix of PJM Interconnection as a whole.

Additional information on annual and monthly fuel mixes is available from PJM.

Air Emissions

The amount of air pollution associated with the generation of electricity production for this region, given in pounds emitted per megawatt-hour of electricity generated, are as follows:

  • Nitrogen Oxides (NOX): 0.33
  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2): 0.44
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2): 810.84

CO2 is a greenhouse gas, which may contribute to global climate change. SO2 and NOX released into the atmosphere react to form acid rain. NOX also reacts to form ground level ozone, an unhealthful component of smog.