SMECO CoolSentry

Thank you for contacting the SMECO CoolSentry Program. The CoolSentry Program ended effective December 31, 2023. The program is no longer active, and we are no longer able to cycle your AC compressor. SMECO may be reaching out to you in the coming months to inform you of changes to the Demand Response programs for the upcoming summer season.

If you have a CoolSentry thermostat, you can keep the thermostat and continue to use it as there is no change in functionality.

If you have an outdoor switch, there is no need to remove the device, but you may discuss doing so with your HVAC provider at a regularly scheduled maintenance visit for your system.

The switch or thermostat can be disposed of in the same way you discard other home electronic devices.

We thank you for your past participation and contribution to the SMECO CoolSentry Program. If you have any questions, you can contact SMECO by email or by calling 1-888-440-3311.

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