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Associate Engineer

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Summer Intern – Accounting

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Summer Intern – It

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Summer Intern – Electrical Engineering

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Summer Intern – Communications

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Fleet Services Mgr

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Asst Bldg Serv Engr

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Distribution System Operator

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Transmission Sys Ops Mgr

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Custodian Trainee

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Transmission System Operator

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We’re Looking for Electrical Engineers

At SMECO, engineers have the opportunity to learn more and opportunity to do more to advance their careers. SMECO is the employer of choice for qualified and motivated electrical engineers who want to focus on the investment, maintenance, and operations of a robust, innovative, and technology-driven electric system.


SMECO is a customer-owned cooperative that is committed to ensuring that the organization is the employer of choice for the Southern Maryland region. SMECO is dedicated to providing a culture of inclusion and an environment that values diversity of its members and staff while promoting performance excellence and work/life balance.

SMECO demonstrates commitment to its employees by taking an active role in developing and implementing progressive programs, maintaining a competitive benefits package, and providing value-added services that attract and retain talented individuals.

You are invited to browse our site and learn more about the organization and explore the exciting possibilities that exist at Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative.

For your online application to be considered complete by our recruiters, you must make sure to complete the Contact, Preference, Experience, Education, and Interview sections.

All SMECO facilities and regional locations have been Tobacco and Smoke-Free since 2009.


SMECO accepts applications through our online applicant tracking system. All current open positions are listed on this site.

If you are interested in applying for one of our open positions, please log into the application process by registering a username and password. Follow the instructions at the beginning of each page to ensure your application is as complete as possible.

Once you apply, you will receive a confirmation email of our receipt of your application, and it will then be assessed to see if you meet the basic requirements of the position. Given the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to bring in all applicants for further screening.

Interviewing & Hiring

Once the testing process has concluded and SMECO has collected a sufficient number of tested applicants, the resumés from the group are then sent to the hiring committee. This committee then reviews the resumés and determines whom they would like to interview. Human Resources then contacts the selected applicants to schedule the interviews.

Interviews may be conducted by a committee of several employees or by the hiring manager. The interview process is an effective way to make hiring decisions because of the diversity the participants bring to the table. In addition, the process educates both the interviewers and the candidates by giving insight into all the expectations and challenges of the job.

Job offers are contingent upon the successful completion of a background investigation, 1-9 e-verification, and pre-employment physical.


The hired candidate will be required to attend orientation for the first half of his or her first day. This orientation provides new employees with the opportunity to learn more about SMECO, to complete necessary paperwork including benefit enrollment, and to become acquainted with the HR staff.

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Vision Statement

Sustainably energize Southern Maryland.


Put members first by delivering safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity and related services that exceed expectations.


To lead sustainably in providing reliable, competitively priced electricity and related services that enhance the quality of life in Southern Maryland.

Corporate Culture Statement

SMECO embraces a culture of mutual respect and acceptance while recognizing individual differences.

Company Benefits

SMECO offers a competitive benefits package to meet the needs of its employees.

Benefits Eligibility

  • Management employees are eligible on first day of hire and bargaining unit employees are eligible on the first of the month following the date of hire

Medical Plan

  • Consumer-driven high-deductible health plan with Health Savings Account
  • PPO Medical and prescription plan
  • Employer pays 75% of premiums

Dental Plan

  • SMECO offers a PPO dental plan
  • Provides coverage for Class I, II, III, and orthodontic procedures
  • Employer pays 75% of premiums

Vision Plan

  • Coverage provides for an annual eye exam and allowances for lenses and frames
  • Premiums are paid by SMECO

Flexible Spending Accounts

  • A Health Care Reimbursement Account allows you to contribute pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible out-of-pocket health care expenses
  • A Dependent Care Reimbursement Account allows you to contribute pre-tax funds to pay for anticipated daycare expenses incurred while you are at work
  • Access to funds through a special debit card or manual reimbursement through direct deposit

Long-Term Disability

  • Provides a regular monthly income to an insured employee who is totally disabled for an extended period as a result of a covered injury or illness
  • Premiums are paid by SMECO

Optional Disability Programs

  • Policies for cancer, personal short-term disability, accident, sickness, and critical care are offered through AFLAC
  • Premiums are paid 100% by the employee

Life Insurance

  • Bargaining unit employees may elect coverage for 2 times their salary and management employees may elect coverage up to 3 times their salary
  • Coverage is available for dependents
  • Premiums are paid by employee
  • Individual policies can be purchased through group pricing with TransAmerica

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

  • This coverage is an attached rider to the group life insurance coverage
  • Premiums are paid by SMECO

Business Travel Accident Insurance

  • Benefits are payable for any accidental death which occurs while a covered person is traveling away from SMECO premises on authorized SMECO business
  • Premiums are paid by SMECO

401(k) Retirement Savings

  • Employees can defer a percentage of their annual income, pre-tax, post-tax, or a combination of both (within IRS guidelines)
  • SMECO contributes a non-elective contribution to all employees
  • Management employees receive up to a 6% match

Section 125 Plan

  • Employees will have insurance premiums deducted on a pre-tax basis

Employee Assistance Program

  • This provides confidential and professional assessment and referral service to employees who are experiencing personal/medical problems that affect their work performance
  • Eligible dependents are also covered

Employee Wellness Program

  • SMECO offers seminars and programs promoting a healthier lifestyle
  • Many programs are offered during working hours

Paid Holidays

  • SMECO offers 12 paid holidays throughout the year

Paid Leave

  • Employees earn both annual leave and sick leave
  • The amount earned depends on years of service within the organization

Career Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Open Until Filled” mean?

When a position is listed as Open Until Filled, it will remain open for applicants to apply until an applicant is offered the position and has accepted the offer. Applications are first screened two weeks after the position is announced and then re-evaluated periodically until the position becomes filled.

My computer crashes when I apply. Do I need to begin again?

If your computer crashes or times out during the application process, you will need to log back in using your username and password and continue from the point where your data was last saved. You will need to go through each of the screens to ensure all of your information is completed.

How long before I hear from someone regarding my application?

Applications will be reviewed for minimum qualifications after the position announcement closes, or two weeks after the position has been announced. Due to the large volume of applications received, the top 25 to 50 candidates will be contacted for further evaluation. It is imperative that the information in your application is as complete as possible so that you are ranked accurately.

If you are within the top group of candidates, you will be contacted by either the search panel chair or by our Human Resources Department. Candidates for bargaining unit positions will be asked to complete a basic skills assessment. Candidates for other positions will be asked to come to SMECO for an interview. In either case, this process could take up to two weeks.

If I meet the qualifications listed on the announcement, will I be called for an interview?

Due to the high volume of applications received for most positions, not all qualified candidates will be reviewed by the search panel for an interview determination. Only the top 25 to 50 candidates will be considered for the position. In the case of an applicant pool, candidates will be periodically reviewed to be evaluated for open positions throughout the year. In this case, a broader number of applicants may be reviewed.

How am I notified if a position is filled?

You will receive an email notification at the email address listed in your application that the position has been filled. Those individuals who have interviewed may be notified by phone when another applicant has been selected.