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From playing their favorite video games to flipping the switch to turn off the lights when leaving a room, kids use energy all the time. SMECO’s Everyday Energy teaches students in fifth and fourth grade about the benefits of smart energy use, so they can help save energy at home and at school.

The SMECO Everyday Energy lesson plan is now available for enrolled fourth and fifth-grade teachers and their students. Please email SMECO Schools to learn more about the program.

Curriculum Features

  • Offers flexibility with 6 customizable lessons that support existing curriculum
  • Applies STEM Standards of Practice and standards from Maryland’s math, science, and English language arts
  • Includes an optional Capstone activity in which students act as energy auditors for your school

Sample lesson plan. Day 1: Engage & explore - introduce energy efficiency; Day 2: Explain - examine everyday energy use; Day 3 to 5: elaborate - review energy efficiency products and prepare for and conduct school energy audit; Day 6: evaluate - demonstrate new ways to save energy

What’s Included

  • Turn-key lesson plans
  • Customizable activities
  • Additional online resources
  • Student worksheets
  • Complimentary energy-efficient items for your school

Bonus Benefits

When you participate in the SMECO Schools program, teachers receive gift cards for school supplies and students get a $25 coupon plus free shipping to the SMECO Online Store, so their families can update their homes with energy-efficient products like air purifiers, advanced power strips, smart thermostats, and more!

For more information about SMECO’s Everyday Energy program, email SMECO Schools or call (877) 818-4094. See the program fact sheet for more details.

To enroll, complete the Teacher Enrollment form and email a saved copy to us: Email SMECO Schools

Maryland Standards for STEM, Math, Science, & English Language Arts

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