Energy Target Tips

This past summer, a group of SMECO households were chosen to participate in the My Energy Target Challenge. Below are some tips from the participants on how they saved energy throughout the challenge.

Summer Tips
If you have a pool, consider getting a new pump.
Check your thermostat settings and pay attention to how much you use your A/C.
Change your heat pump and A/C filters regularly.
Consider upgrading your showerheads to a lower flow.
Give your A/C a break and block outside heat by closing your curtains or blinds.
If you’re not using your pool often, consider closing it early.
Turn off your pool pump when you’re not using the pool.
Even if your A/C is on, close your curtains during the hottest times of the day.
Close the blinds and doors in rooms on the sunny side of your house.
Use your grill instead of your oven.
Turn off your pool heater on hot days.
Replace energy-wasting light bulbs with LEDs.
Give your A/C unit a tune-up.
Turn off the A/C and turn on your ceiling fans.
Hang clothes outside instead of using a clothes dryer.
Unplug appliances and TVs when you’re not using them.
Add timers to outside lights.
Install solar lights outside that turn on using a sensor.
Make sure your dishwasher and laundry loads are full.
Take advantage of SMECO rebates to buy energy-efficient products for your home.
Set up a dedicated workspace to limit power being used in multiple rooms.
Plug your home office electronics into a smart power strip.
Set your computer or laptop to “sleep” or “hibernate” after 10 minutes of inactivity.
Turn off your home office computer at the end of your work day.
Consider upgrading to more energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment.
Use natural light whenever possible.