Your Safety

Safety is one of SMECO’s core values. We want to ensure that the services we provide do not endanger the health of our employees or present a hazard to the general public. We train our workforce to identify and correct hazards in their daily job duties.

SMECO also wants the general public to be able to identify possible hazards with our electric lines and equipment and to notify SMECO when necessary.

Browse the resources below to learn about staying safe around electric equipment when digging in your yard, during inclement weather, or after vehicle collisions with electric equipment.

Hot Line Demonstration

SMECO also offers safety demonstrations to further educate adults and children. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact SMECO’s Safety Director, Jim Trainor, at (888) 440-3311.

Hot Line Demonstration Video

Don’t Make Contact With Overhead Power Lines Video

Downed Power Lines

Never touch a downed power line or anything near it. Should a power line fall on your car when you’re driving, slowly continue to move completely clear of it. If your car can’t move away from the power line, stay in the car until help arrives. The video from Puget Sound Energy shows how to stay safe around downed power lines.

This May Shock You: Downed Power Line Video