Energy Monitoring Kit

Are you thinking of replacing an appliance?

Are you looking for ways to save energy dollars?

Do you want to compare the energy costs of appliances?

You can do all this and more with the Home Energy Monitoring Kit.

The Home Energy Monitoring Kit is a powerful set of tools to help you check the efficiency of your home appliances. With just a few simple steps, you can track down the cause of high energy bills, decide whether to replace old or faulty appliances, and calculate the savings from reducing appliance use.

The kit contains:

  • One plug-in energy monitor for appliances that plug into a standard 120-volt outlet
  • One motor logger to monitor water heater and clothes dryer energy use
  • Instructions and calculation sheets for each monitor
  • A water heater thermometer
  • Safety instructions

The Home Energy Monitoring Kit is brought to you by SMECO and the Southern Maryland Public Libraries. The kits are located in the 3 St. Mary’s County library branches; they are available in Calvert and Charles counties through the inter-library loan system.

If you have any questions about using the kit or about your home energy use, contact SMECO at (888) 440-3311 or email SMECO Technical Customer Service.

Get a handle on your home energy use—visit any Southern Maryland public library and check it out!

Due to their complexity, heat pumps cannot be accurately monitored when operated in the winter heating mode. If you are concerned about your winter heat pump energy usage, call the SMECO number above to talk to a Residential Energy Analyst.