Building Tune-up

Regular Maintenance Makes All the Difference

Reduce operating costs by improving the energy efficiency of your facility—while taking advantage of incentives to cover up to 75% of service costs. Returning your equipment to peak operation makes it run more efficiently, improves air quality, and increases comfort.

The tune-up pays for itself quickly, with a return on your investment typically realized in less than two years.

What Does the Tune-up Cover?

The building tune-up helps optimize energy performance by monitoring, troubleshooting, and adjusting electrical, mechanical, and control systems.

Why Is a Tune-up Important?

Over time, commercial buildings undergo operational changes that hinder energy performance. Today’s systems are highly interactive, increasing the need for proper integration.

Properly integrated systems perform better, last longer, and require less maintenance and fewer repairs, while providing a more comfortable environment.

Two Kinds of Building Tune-ups

Which is right for your business?

A Virtual Alternative to a Tune-up

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