Smart Thermostats

Save Money & Improve Comfort

Heating and cooling account for up to 50% of the energy you use at home.*

When you switch to an ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostat, you can reduce your home’s annual energy use by:

  • Controlling your home’s heating and cooling system from your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Choosing to “set it and forget it” for greater ease of use and convenience, while saving energy
  • Allowing your thermostat to learn your preferences and automatically adjust temperature settings for improved comfort and performance

Plus, you can get an up to $75 or $100 rebate for making the switch!** See below for additional information on the rebates available.

Ways to Participate

Ready to get started? Choose the option that’s best for you.

Up to $75 Rebate

Qualified Smart Thermostats

Thermostat Brand Name Thermostat Model Name Thermostat Model Number Smart Thermostat B36-T10** Smart Thermostat ADC-T3000
American Standard Gold 824 ACONT824AS52DB
Braeburn 7320 7320
Braeburn 7250 7205
Braeburn 7300 7300
Braeburn 7305 7305
Bryant Housewise Bryant Housewise T6-WEM01-A
Carrier Carrier Cor TP-WEM01-A
Carrier Cor Cor 5C TSTWHA01
Carrier Cor Cor 7C TSTWRH01
ecobee ecobee3 EB-STATE3***-##
ecobee ecobee3 Lite EB-STATE3LT***-##
ecobee ecobee4 EB-STATE4***-##
ecobee ecobee Smart Thermostat
with Voice Control
EcoFactor simple S100 simple S100
Emerson Sensi 1F87U-42WF Sensi 1F87U-42WF
Emerson Sensi 1F95U-42WF Sensi 1F95U-42WF
Emerson Sensi 1F95U-42WFB Sensi 1F95U-42WF#
Emerson ST75 ST75*
Emerson ST75W ST75W*
Emerson ST55 ST55*
Emerson 1F87U-42WFC 1F87U-42WFC
Google Nest Google Nest Thermostat E T4###**
Google Nest Nest Thermostat GA0####-**
Google Nest Google Nest Learning Thermostat T3###**
Greenlite Greenlite G2 G2
Greenlite AIRZ AIRZ
Honeywell Home Honeywell Home RCHT9*10WF****
Honeywell Home Honeywell Home THX***WF******
Honeywell Home Honeywell Home, RTH6580WF RTH6580
Honeywell Home TCC RTH9585WF****
Honeywell Home TCC TH8110R****
Honeywell Home TCC TH8320R****
Honeywell Home TCC TH8321R***
Honeywell Home TCC TH8321WF****
Honeywell Home TCC TH9320WF****
Honeywell Home TCC THX9421R****
Honeywell Home Honeywell Home TH6320WF2***
Honeywell Home Honeywell Home RCHT8610WF****
Honeywell Home Honeywell Home T6 Pro Wi-Fi
Programmable Thermostat
T6 Pro Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat
Honeywell Home Honeywell Home TH8732WFH****
Honeywell Home TCC RTH9580WF****
IEC Venture E055-71520325
IEC Venture E055-71520330
Lennox iComfort M30 Smart Thermostat iComfort M30 Smart Thermostat
Trane XL824 TCONT824AS52DB
Venstar Explorer T2###
Venstar ColorTouch T7###
Venstar Explorer T3###
Venstar Explorer T4###
Venstar ColorTouch T8###
Zen Thermostat Zen Thermostat Wifi ZEN-02
Zen Thermostat Zen Thermostat Zigbee ZEN-01

$100 Rebate

  • Option 1: Work with an Authorized HVAC Contractor to purchase and install an eligible smart thermostat. Then the contractor will submit a rebate form on your behalf. Installation fees vary by contractor.
  • Option 2: Schedule a home energy analysis through our Home Energy Improvement Program and work with an approved contractor to install a Honeywell thermostat and schedule a no-cost installation. Visit the No-Cost Installation tab to get details.
  • Option 3: Build an ENERGY STAR® Certified New Home with a SMECO participating builder, who will install a smart thermostat and submit a rebate form on your behalf.

$100 Instant Rebate Plus No-Cost Installation

  • Schedule your appointment for a home energy analysis through the Home Energy Improvement Program – As you start the scheduling process, click “yes” when asked to indicate your interest in an instant $100 rebate and no-cost installation.
  • An approved HVAC Installation Contractor will contact you to determine which eligible smart thermostat (Honeywell) you want to purchase and have installed in your home. Smart thermostat must be purchased through the HEIP HVAC Contractor to be eligible for no-cost installation. Units purchased via retailers or SMECO Online Store are not eligible for the HEIP no-cost installation service.


**To be eligible for a rebate, you must be a SMECO residential customer-member with a heat pump or central AC, and you must purchase a qualifying smart thermostat directly or through a participating contractor. Limit three thermostat rebates per household.

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