Power Lines

Overhead Lines

Electricity always tries to find the easiest path to ground. Don’t ever become the easiest path to ground.

Overhead Line Myths Versus Reality

Myth: Overhead power lines don’t carry enough power to hurt you.

Reality: Overhead power lines carry high voltages, enough to kill. If your body or your equipment touches a power source, the electricity will attempt to travel through you to the ground. The current can heat up and burn the body tissue inside a person.

Myth: Overhead power lines are mostly insulated.

Reality: Overhead lines only have a coating to protect them from weathering. If you or your equipment comes into contact with them, the results could be deadly.

Underground Lines

Call 811 at least 48 hours (2 business days) before excavating. That means anytime you dig and every time you dig— no matter how small your project is. All local utilities will mark their underground service lines: electric, cable TV, phone, water, sewer, and gas. Hand dig within 18 inches on both sides of the marks.

Keep Utility Poles Clear

Posting signs or attaching items to utility poles without SMECO’s permission is against the law and poses a safety hazard for SMECO linemen who climb the poles for maintenance or repairs.

Shown are 3 examples of attachment violations:

  • A support beam attached to a SMECO utility pole
  • A sign on a SMECO pole
  • Metal wire fencing attached to a SMECO pole
signs on power pole