Green Energy

Green or renewable energy includes:

Electric Vehicles

Making the switch to an electric vehicle can help you save money while going green. You can find some things to consider before buying one on our Electric Vehicles page.

rows of solar panels on ground


SMECO has a solar farm, located in Hughesville, which has been generating electricity since November 2012. You can see how much energy the solar farm has produced. Check out our SMECO Solar website.

Enter an address on our WattPlan website and WattPlan will estimate your potential for a rooftop solar array. You will get an estimate of the electricity you can generate and how much you might save each year on your electric bill.

The figures shown in WattPlan are estimates only and do not constitute a guarantee of savings on your electric bill

Safety Around Solar Panels

Wind Energy

Wind power is an important part of SMECO’s renewable energy strategy.


  • SMECO’s Sustainability Position Paper (PDF) lists our goals and accomplishments for environmental leadership and tracks our progress in conserving energy and purchasing power from renewable sources
  • Current legislation sets the renewable energy goal for utilities at 25% by 2020 and, of that, 2.5% must be solar
  • Visit our Sustainability page for more information
wind turbines outside