Electric substations can be dangerous locations for anyone not well trained in electrical safety. Substation fires are rare, but the high voltages can pose hazards to first responders.

If there is a fire in a SMECO substation, follow the rules below when responding to the incident.

  • Let it burn – Do not enter the station. Burning electrical equipment is already ruined. Contact SMECO and wait for our representatives to arrive.
  • Evacuate the area – Keep people at least 300 feet away. Protect exposures to keep the fire from spreading.
  • If an equipment fire must be suppressed, SMECO personnel and your incident commander will tell you how to proceed.

Successful Response to Substation Fire

A circuit breaker containing 20 gallons of mineral oil caught fire and exploded at a rural electric substation. Flames and smoke shot 200 feet into the air. Firefighters evacuated nearby residences within 300 feet, set up a 100-foot perimeter around the substation, closed the nearby highway, and let the fire run its course. Thanks to proper response procedures, no one was injured.