Awards & Commendations

At SMECO, we are committed to maintaining high standards in everything we do, from reliable electric service and outstanding customer service to excellent working conditions for our employees. We’re proud that our efforts are being recognized. Below are just some of the commendations that we have received.

Energy Efficiency

As a cooperative that is committed to our community, we promote efficiency programs that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency named SMECO as an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year every year from 2012 through 2022 for our work in encouraging customers to be more energy efficient. This included Sustained Excellence honors each year from 2015 through 2022 for our successful delivery of ENERGY STAR’s energy efficiency programs. We received the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Market Leader Award every year from 2011 through 2020 for promoting construction of ENERGY STAR certified homes.

Smart & Clean Energy

SMECO continues to promote clean energy, evolve its grid, and reduce costs for its members. The SMECO Solar generating facility in Hughesville represents our commitment to renewable energy. Operating the facility is the most economic and reliable way for the Co-op to meet state requirements for renewable solar energy. The Smart Electric Power Alliance recognized SMECO in its Power Player Awards, presenting the Electric Cooperative of the Year award in 2014 and again in 2019.

Focus on Safety

Our commitment to safety starts at the top. The National Safety Council (NSC) recognized Austin J. Slater, Jr., the president and CEO of SMECO, as a CEO who “Gets It” for 2017. The annual awards recognize corporate leaders who understand that safety is paramount for employees, their customers, and their families.

Award-Winning Linemen

SMECO’s dedicated line workers compete each year in the Gaff-n-Go Lineman’s Rodeo, where they test their skills against colleagues from other electric utilities. We took home the Jimmy Gardiner Cup in 2007 and 2010 by finishing first among teams from electric co-ops in the region, and in 2014 we won the C.T. Bryant Award for a first-place finish among all teams of journeyman linemen. In the equipment operator’s competition at the Gaff-n-Go, SMECO teams won first place in 2013 and 2018.

Seals of Approval

We strive to provide a professional and healthy workplace culture for our employees. Alliance for Workplace Excellence has recognized our efforts with three awards: the Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval, the Health and Wellness Seal of Approval, and the EcoLeadership Award.

Innovation in Customer Service

SMECO consistently strives to provide superior customer service through useful technological innovations. These efforts were recognized by CS Week in July 2014 when SMECO received the Innovation in Customer Service Award for small utilities.