Solar & Net Metering

Are you interested in having solar panels installed at your home? Customer-members who want to generate their own electricity can participate in SMECO’s net metering (generator interconnection) program.

Regulated by the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC), net metering programs encourage investment in renewable distributed generation and provide a uniform interconnection application process for all electric utilities in Maryland.

worker on roof with solar panels

To participate, a customer-member must submit an application to SMECO detailing the proposed interconnection. Applications must be submitted electronically through our PowerClerk program.

Most customers have a solar system that generates less than 10 kilowatts; however, the net metering program is currently available for solar, wind, biomass, fuel cell, or closed-conduit hydro installations that generate less than two megawatts, and for micro-combined heat and power installations that generate less than 30 kilowatts. Other distributed generation technologies may be eligible to interconnect to SMECO’s system as well, but may not be eligible for net metering.