Building for Reliability

SMECO continuously works on projects to improve the reliability of our electric system.

Lexington Park Substation Upgrades:

SMECO has rebuilt the Lexington Park substation to expand its load capacity. The cooperative finished the upgrades in November 2022, replacing the substation’s two large transformers. One of them will eventually move to the Milestown substation, which is also slated for a rebuild.

Both sides of the Lexington Park facility have been upgraded with new 69-kV circuit breakers, new disconnect switches, new 15-kV main breakers, and new 15-kV reclosers. The upgrade at Lexington Park also includes a new control house, powered by two new service transformers. The control house is equipped with a new DC power system and protection relays that serve the new transformers, breakers, and reclosers.

New Substation & Transmission Line in St. Mary’s County:

SMECO has built a new substation in Chaptico. The facility will add capacity to our transmission system in the northern part of St. Mary’s County, absorbing some of the load from four other substations in the area. Delays in materials have pushed the completion and energization of the substation until the first quarter of 2023.

To supply electricity to the Chaptico substation, SMECO built seven miles of 69-kV transmission line from the Ryceville substation, finishing construction in November 2022. The new line uses SMECO’s existing right-of-way for the 230-kV line that connects the Ryceville and Hewitt Road switching stations.