Heat Pump Water Heaters

Get an $800 Instant Rebate on ENERGY STAR® Models

As the second-largest energy expense in your home after heating and cooling, water heating accounts for up to 20% of your utility costs.* ENERGY STAR certified hybrid heat pump water heaters can help you increase your energy efficiency and cut costs.


How You Can Save

Here are a few easy ways to get the lowest price.

The Benefits of Efficiency

Unlike traditional water heaters, heat pump water heaters use the warm air inside your home to help it heat the water inside the tank. This makes heat pump water heaters much more efficient, using less energy and resulting in cost savings. A typical family of four could save an average of $550 per year by switching to a heat pump water heater.

Household Size Annual kWh Savings Annual Savings Payback Years Lifetime Savings
2 1,800 $270 5.5 $2,050
3 2,820 $410 3.7 $3,830
4 3,760 $550 2.7 $5,610

Source: energystar.gov

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