How does a HERS rater determine if a home qualifies for the ENERGY STAR®?

Prior to construction, HERS Raters work with their builder clients to conduct a plan analysis to determine the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures for the home. At the pre-drywall stage, a thermal bypass visual inspection is conducted to ensure that the air and thermal barriers in the home are continuous and complete. Toward the end of construction, the HERS Rater inspects the home and performs diagnostic tests (e.g., blower door and duct blaster) to assess the home’s energy performance. The HERS Rater then incorporates the results of the inspections and diagnostic tests into the plan analysis software that determines the home’s HERS Index. A home with a HERS Index of 85 or lower qualifies for the ENERGY STAR® rating.

For more information about the national specifications for ENERGY STAR for New Homes, please visit ENERGY STAR® for the New Home Industry.