Restrictions on Terminations

Restrictions for Serious Illness & Life-Support Equipment

If a member or any occupant of the household is declared by a licensed physician, physician's assistant, or certified nurse practitioner to be seriously ill or dependent upon life-support equipment and the member submits a certificate to SMECO, service will not be turned off for an initial period of up to 30 days beyond the scheduled turn-off date. During that time, however, the member must enter into an agreement with the Co-op for paying delinquent and current amounts due. (See Payment Arrangements.)

The member must provide SMECO with a new completed certificate signed by the physician or certified nurse practitioner each month if the serious illness continues beyond 30 days.

Restrictions for Elderly or Handicapped Individuals

After the Notice of Termination is mailed but before the scheduled turn-off date, a residential member may provide a completed certificate stating that the member or an occupant of the household to which service will be turned off is age 65 or older or handicapped. If SMECO receives this certification, an attempt will be made to contact the member by telephoning or visiting the household and leaving a copy of the Notice of Termination.

If personal contact is made, possible sources of financial aid and the availability of alternate payment plans offered by SMECO will be discussed.