If my Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR) has passed and I am still without power, do I need to text OUT again?

You do not need to text OUT again. While the estimated time of restoration (ETR) may have passed, our crews are still working to restore your power. We may have to update the estimate based on a number of factors, such as evaluation of damage from an on-site crew, changing weather conditions, additional problems that occur, or any specialty crews or equipment needed for repairs once the damage is assessed. While we do our best to keep the ETR and other information updated, our first priority is getting your power back on. You will receive a text message with an ETR update, or you can text STAT to 76326 (SMECO) at any time to see your latest ETR. You will receive a text when your power is restored. If you receive a message indicating that your power has been restored but you are still without power, please check your property's circuit breakers and, if necessary, report the outage again by texting OUT to 76326 (SMECO). You can also visit SMECO's outage map to view the number of outages and the ETR for your area if available.