Why did I receive a message that my Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR) is not available?

An estimated time of restoration (ETR) will not be provided until after a crew has arrived on site and assessed the damage. After the crew determines how long repairs will take, the ETR will be displayed on SMECO's outage map and you will receive a text message with an ETR update. During major storm events or other times when there is a high volume of outages, the ETR may not immediately be available when the outage is reported. If an ETR becomes available, you will automatically receive a text message with that information. You can also visit our outage map to view the number of outages and the ETR for your area. It is important to remember that we attempt to estimate the time of restoration to allow you to plan and safely await restoration, but an ETR is only an estimate. We may have to update the estimate based on a number of factors, such as evaluation of damage from an on-site crew, changing weather conditions, additional problems that occur, or any specialty crews or equipment needed for repairs once the damage is assessed. We do our best to keep you aware of updated information.