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SMECO Energy Advisors have assisted our members in saving over 1.2 million kWh and received a 94% approval rating through the Home Energy Improvement Program. Read on for the many ways they can help you too.

  • Learn about the benefits of a comprehensive home energy analysis
  • Understand the home energy improvement process from start to finish
  • Schedule your comprehensive walk-through analysis
  • Diagnose your home’s specific problems
  • Understand your home energy analysis report and develop a recommended list of upgrades
  • Review proposed energy-saving upgrades
  • Understand the costs and benefits of upgrades
  • Define common industry terms
  • Provide low-cost and no-cost, energy-saving tips
  • Explore other SMECO energy-saving programs
  • Find financing opportunities

SMECO Energy Advisors are certified to perform comprehensive, whole-home assessments; identify problems at their root cause; and prescribe and prioritize solutions based on building science. Each advisor receives a BPI Building Analyst certification that verifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to conduct comprehensive building performance audits.

Energy Advisors

Meet Our Energy Advisors

“Brandon made our experience great! He was professional and efficient throughout the entire analysis and patiently answered our questions in a friendly manner. We’d highly recommend the program to others.”

SMECO Home Energy Improvement Program participant

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Get answers. Check out the frequently asked questions, submit a question to a SMECO Energy Advisor, or call 877-818-4094.

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